"Auras" is a captivating tale that blends the beauty of an extraordinary world with the raw realities of life, showcasing the power of unity, love, and friendship against all odds.

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In the enchanting world of Auras, where pink plants and green cats exist, Elaine possesses a special ability to see the colourful auras surrounding all living beings. For years, she has kept this gift hidden, enduring bullying and concealing her true nature even from those closest to her. However, fate https://werewolf-hindi-story41738.bloggazza.com/25244417/auras-is-a-captivating-tale-that-blends-the-beauty-of-an-extraordinary-world-with-the-raw-realities-of-life-showcasing-the-power-of-unity-love-and-friendship-against-all-odds


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